Make a Better Choice

I Am a Game Developer, How Can I Help?

By building support for into your games you are helping to grow the number of better choices for people to make.

I Am a Sponsor, How Can I help?

As a sponsor, you provide credits to your followers for completing life best practices, or tasks,  that you have outlined.  Those credits can then be spent in compliant games on rewards. 


I Am A Follower, How Can I Help?
By choosing to play games that support and completing your sponsors' life best practice tasks, you are helping to make a better world by making better choices.

Latest project

Wormhole Sweeper, by Noble House of Schwartz, is nearly complete.  In this game you will learn how to start and manage a successful Wormhole Sweeping business.  The game has fantastic arcade action and awesome graphics.  This fun game will provide hours of entertainment, while teaching you how to mange your risks in business.