GameLiving.Net is a global initiative to make better use of the billions of hours humanity spends playing games every single week.  GameLiving.Net aims to blend your real life with your game life by leveraging your game play to incentify better life choices.  Here's how it works:


A Sponsor creates a Task or Life Best practice.  This could be taking steps with your fitbit, loosing 10lbs, or taking the stairs for a week rather than the elevator.  There is no limit on what a Sponsor's task could be.  A Sponsor could be your parents and they want you to clean your room.  It is just that simple.  The Sponsor designates that a certain number of credits will be paid to any follower for having completed the task.  


You will then sign up with GameLiving.Net as a Follower and follow the Sponsor.  You accept the Sponsors task and then set out to complete it.  The Sponsor may require some verification that the task is completed.  Once the Sponsor marks your completed task as approved, the credits are deposited to your GameLiving.Net account.


Game developers, from around the world, that support GameLiving.Net, will allow you to spend your hard earned credits for rewards within their games.  Each game will have different rules on how often you can turn in GameLiving.Net credits or limit what you can buy within the game with credits.  You may be able to exchange credits for in-game currency, an extra life, or an awesome piece of gear for your character.  The only limits are what the game has set.


It is just that simple.  Sponsors get to encourage better choices in your real life, and you get paid credits to do it to improve your game life.


Make a Better Choice

Live better, play better, choose better.


GameLiving.Net is a not for profit service intended to create a better world.  We hope you will join us in making a better choice.